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How much does a website really cost?

July 12, 2019


Low-cost hosting and website builder promotions might convince us that launching a website is a cheap, easy process. But that's not quite the case!


Reach Site Builder is built on a WordPress Multi-Site framework, hosted by industry-leading WPEngine. This provides clients with the stability and security of the same technology that powers 27% of the internet. (Seriously!)

The multi-site framework enables our team to build once, deploy many times, while leveraging the investment we’ve made in premium development solutions. 

So, if the end product is a WordPress website, can you just build on Reach and then migrate away to $3/month hosting?

Technically, yes. However, you’d actually end up spending more money year-over-year. 

First, if you need our support for the transition, we’d need to charge a fee for the time it would take to move your site from our multi-site installation to a single-site install. 

Next, you’d need to purchase access to your own premium licenses to re-create the design and functionality of your Reach Site. We would estimate this investment at $750-1000/year, depending on the features you need. Additionally, you’d be downgrading your hosting service, exposing your website to potential security risk, and assuming the responsibility of technical maintenance and updates. 

Transparency & Honesty are Core Values

One truth of the web development world is that there are plenty of companies willing to take your money, but then fall short in the service they deliver. There are eye-catching promotions and value propositions – like “Launch your website for only $3/month!” but they fail to tell you that the examples you see require extra fees or technology that cost more money than that original offer. 

I’m speaking from personal experience – years ago when I was first starting out as a developer, I fell for the marketing message of “Launch your blog for $3/month in these 5 easy steps!” By the time I had managed to “launch” my website, I was well over $400 into this little site, and it was SO FAR from my original vision. No where near the $36 I thought I’d be spending; or the few hours of time I was promised it would take.

So, while we can’t match that $3/month offer, we are working to make Reach a great value for our clients, and have a strong commitment to ensuring that every client who signs up for this service, launches a beautiful, effective website that creates a stunning first impression for their congregation or ministry.