You've got a message.

We're here to help you share it.

Every business has a story. But sometimes, we struggle to share that message with clarity and focus, and in a way that puts our customers at the center of it all.

At Twelve Two Creative, we dig deep to find the story and messages that your customers are longing to hear. Then, we add in great design, modern marketing techniques and sound strategy to the mix, resulting in a holistic approach that helps you meet your goals.

Some call it magic. We just think it's smart.

So, how do we do it?

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We dig deep by asking the right questions - questions you already know the answers to - to figure out where you’ve been, where you’re going and most importantly: who you’re trying to reach.

We spend time defining your audience and your goals until we have a clear picture of who we’re talking to and the messages that will resonate with them. This is where the real insights happen.


Next, we take what we’ve learned from the research phase and design strategies and tactics that will help us accomplish our goals.

Having a sound plan in place keeps us focused on where we started, while allowing flexibility to stay nimble and make measured adjustments along the way.

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Finally, the fun begins! The colors come out and we get to work bringing to life all of the elements of the plan. Websites, logo identities, brands, outreach campaigns, social media accounts - and so much more.

Completing the Research and Planning phases ahead of design ensures a cohesive look and feel across all of the elements of our outreach strategy.


Now, we take it live. Websites are launched, campaigns are implemented and brands are activated.

Activation also includes thorough quality assurance testing, bug fixes and ongoing review.

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Thought we were done? Not yet! In fact, the most important part is just beginning. Feedback, evaluation, measurement and adjustments.

We gather feedback to make sure that our work is accomplishing its goals. We evaluate the process we took to get here to ensure that T’s were crossed and I’s were dotted. We measure the effectiveness of our work and we make adjustments as needed.

And then, we make ongoing updates to ensure your brand and site are always displaying current, relevant information.

Ready to get started?