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Why hello, there!

We're Nick and Alli. And yes, we're married. And yes, we work together, too. And yes, sometimes it's awful*. But most of the time it's really great.

At Twelve Two Creative, we've taken our 12+ years of experience in corporate marketing, public relations, and communications and created a company to serve a mission we're most passionate about - helping ministries like yours plant seeds of the life-saving, grace-filled gospel of Jesus.

*We keep it real-real, y'all.

What's in a Name?

Twelve Two Creative calls back to Romans 12:2, where we’re promised that God’s will is

good, pleasing and perfect.

We’ve found ourselves needing that reminder in nearly every season of life we’ve walked, so it felt like a good fit to root this adventure on that truth, too.

Praise be to God for his faithfulness!

Our Values

We've been given the privilege and responsibility of building incredible relationships through our work. Here's a peek into our guiding principles.


Seek Jesus First

Everything we have - our strengths, our abilities, our position, our earthly treasures - is God's. Humbled by that truth, we want to seek Jesus first in all we do.


Clear Communication

We believe in striving to communicate with transparency, honesty and respect, even when it's hard.


Serve + Learn

We want to be people who say "yes" to serving others and keep the eyes of our hearts open to learning new things.


Partner Up

We're not trying to be everything to everyone. We're blessed to be part of the body of Christ. We believe in partnering up with others who have been gifted with equally-awesome, unique strengths. 


Might be Awesome!