About Us

Specializing in strategy-driven marketing solutions for churches, ministries and small businesses, we work hard to share your message through digital marketing, communications and technology.

After 10+ years of corporate marketing experience, and becoming a mom, Alli knew she wanted to continue working, but it had to be different. An hour commute each way, plus long, hectic work days left little time for family life, so in 2015 we added “started a business” to our list of major life changes and Twelve Two Creative was born.

Alli has a deep background in brand strategy and creative development. Wondering what that actually means and how Twelve Two Creative can help you? We’re the planners and the creators - the ones who develop the strategy and build the path to get you there.

You see, in order for a “really great marketing plan” to work, you have to know what to do and how to execute it. And for those carefully-crafted messages to hit the mark with your target audience, they must be based on sound strategy. And we love ‘em both.

Today, Twelve Two is led by Alli, who receives constant support and encouragement from Nick, who, while still working a full-time job, provides great advice and expertise from the sidelines. Nick has a background in Broadcast Journalism, Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Social Media, so he’s not just a casual observer - he knows what he’s talking about. 😉

We’ve worked alongside each other for most of our marriage, so it feels natural (to us) that we’re in this together, too.

Nolan, the youngest Pappathopoulos (at least for a few more weeks!) - while not yet a contributing member to the team, provides much entertainment, comic relief and daily LEGO breaks. Only a few more years and he’ll be coding, too, folks!

Family picture of Nick, Alli and son
Nick and Alli working together

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