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Why hello, there!

I'm Alli! The heart behind Twelve Two Creative.

What started as a nap time dream when my first child was born has grown into an amazing opportunity to help hundreds of ministries like yours plant seeds of the life-saving, grace-filled gospel of Jesus.

If we were sitting down for coffee or a Spindrift, I'd share with you how I've seen God's faithfulness in my own life, no matter how dark the valley. And that's why I'm passionate about helping ministries like yours reach the lost in your community.

Only Jesus wipes away every tear. Only Jesus fixes what is broken in us. Only Jesus brings true transformation to our lives.

What's in a Name?

Twelve Two Creative calls back to Romans 12:2, where we’re promised that God’s will is

good, pleasing and perfect.

I’ve found myself needing that reminder in nearly every season of life I've walked, so it felt like a good fit to root this adventure on that truth, too.

My Values

I've been given the privilege and responsibility of building incredible relationships through my work with ministries. Here's a peek into my guiding principles.


Seek Jesus First

Everything we have - our strengths, our abilities, our position, our earthly treasures - is God's. Humbled by that truth, I want to seek Jesus first in all I do.


Be Clear. Be Honest. Be Kind.

I believe in striving to communicate with transparency, honesty and respect, even when it's hard.


Serve + Learn

I want to be the kind of person who says "yes" to serving others while keeping my hands wide open to learning new things.


Partner Up

I'm not trying to be everything to everyone. I'm so blessed to be part of the body of Christ. I believe in partnering up with others who have been gifted with equally-awesome, unique strengths. 


Spread Joy

The world needs more joy. I want to make a habit of leaving you better than I found you, spreading encouragement and joy through every interaction.

My Experience + Your Ministry

Might be Awesome!