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Video Library

A Resource Center Designed to Help You Keep Your Site in Tip-Top Shape

Video Library Table of Contents

    Here's a few important notes for managing your site:

    • If You're Planning to Perform Major Edits or Changes: 
      • First, let us know. We can do a back-up of your current site so we have a version to rollback to should things get a little crazy.
      • Second, use your site's duplicate feature to create a sandbox for yourself. All pages, posts, rows, modules, etc. can be copied. This will allow you to preserve the current element, play around with changes and only keep what works in the end.
    • Plugins & Themes: Don't make changes to these! Any additions, changes or setting adjustments you might make could break your site.
    • Plugin & Theme Updates: If you're on a Twelve Two Creative care plan, all of your plugin and theme updates will be managed by our team. We'll backup your site and do a visual review to make sure that nothing broke during the update process.
    • Media Library: Your site comes with a media library to house images and files, but to maintain optimal site performance, aim to have anything added to this library remain as small as possible, preferable under 1 MB in size for images and 5 MB for files.
    • Tools, Settings & Below: You shouldn't need to make changes to this section of your dashboard, and making a change without knowing exactly what the impact would be could negatively impact your site. If you think you need to make changes to this section, contact us first!
    • Users: Only add necessary users. And please do not share log-ins. We are not responsible for hacked sites where user information was shared or made public. Please do your part to keep your site secure.

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    How to Log-In to Your New Website.

    In most cases, you can access your log-in screen by navigating to your home page and adding /wp-admin to the end of your URL.

    Making Text Edits Using the Page Builder

    Your site has a visual page builder to help make edits easy. Here's how to make text edits to pages where the page builder is activated.

    Editing or Adding New Posts & News Items

    How to edit or update posts in your Get Connected, News, Get Involved or other "Hub" sections.

    Note: This tutorial is related to posts that do not have the page builder active on the page.

    Updating Linked Files

    How to update linked files, like worship folders, calendars and more.

    Creating a New Form

    How to create a new form to be used on your website.

    Example used: Event registration.

    Adding New Sermons

    How to add new sermons to your website.

    How to Edit Your Site Header or Footer

    Make a change to your site header or footer.

    The Dashboard

    Pages & Posts

    An Overview of the Pages & Posts Sections of Your Website.

    When to Use Pages:

    • Static Content
    • Unique Design

    When to Use Posts:

    • You want the content to appear in your Get Connected/News Hub section!
    • Dynamic Content
    • Template Design


    Overview of the Forms section of your dashboard.

    Media Library

    Walking through your site's media library features & functions.

    Note: To optimize page load speed & performance, keep your media files as small as possible. Under 1 MB for images and under 5 MB for files. 

    Appearance & Menus

    Overview of the Forms section of your dashboard.


    Attention-getting pop-ups and slide-ins to help attract users to your most important content.


    An Overview of the Builder section of your dashboard. How to edit theme templates.


    Page Builder Tips & Tricks

    Features & tips on using the Page Builder.

    Mega Menu Edits

    How to edit a mega menu.

    On select sites only.